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Maintenance Pricing

Does this product require annual maintanence?

The purchase is optional, but would be needed if you want the features that are included in the support and maintenance.

Is maintenance covered in a license purchase?

No. Support and maintenance is an additional cost up and above the cost of the license(s) you purchase.

How does support and maintenance work?

For each user you license for RAR or WinRAR, you have the option to purchase support and maintenance. The coverage lasts from one year from the date of purchase or extends the existing maintenance by a year from the date it would end. This additional coverage entitles you to all updates and upgrades released during the time of coverage for the users you have the coverage on and access to our priority support queue. This coverage would need to be renewed each year, but our system will not automatically bill you annualy as we do not retain your payment information in a way that supports renewal in an automated fashion. If you would like a quote for you or your organization, contact us with your particulars.

How long is the support and maintenance coverage?

12 months from the date of purchase or 12 months additional on the end of your current coverage.

Will I be automaticaly billed each yea?

No. We do not keep your payment information in our systems, so we would not have the required information needed. The system will send out a reminder 30 days prior to expiration to remind you that the renewal is coming due.


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