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How long have you been involved with the RAR product line?

Our involvement with the RAR product started several decades ago when we ran a multi-line bulletin board system and we used RAR to save precious disk space over the many file formats that were available at the time. Over the years, we had an opportunity to get more involved and started selling RAR back in the mid-1990s. We've been selling RAR products for nearly 20 years!

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How long has BuyRAR.com, LLC been around?

BuyRAR.com, LLC was organized in November of 2013. Up to this point, the business has been run as a sole proprietor, but the business was changed into an LLC in order to facilitate the use of Enhanced Validation (EV) SSL certificates.

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Why don't you have a phone number I can call?

The business of the Internet means that customers can be in any time zone anywhere around the world, which makes it impractical to offer phone support. Further, when this has been attempted, it often means a game of phone tag, which is completely solved by using email. Email also permits the exchange of screen shots and other information that is helpful in troubleshooting. Further, the lower cost of support done through email makes it possible to keep costs down.

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What is Mr. Homies' Computex?

Mr. Homies' Computex is the name we used up about 2008 before we adopted the name BuyRAR.com. When we started out, we had a bulletin board system (BBS) called Mr. Homies' Neighborhood. As we moved into business, we were still running the bulletin board, so we adopted a variation of the name of BBS. As our business evolved, we changed our name to eliminate confusion as the legacy components the names referred to were no longer a part of our business.

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What is RARarchiver.com?

RARArchiver.com was a web site that we purchased from a distributor in Canada back in the late 1999 time frame. We ran that web site for a number of years, but evolved the name to something simpler and a better reflection of what we did. Several years ago, we released the name and another party has ressurrected it using some very old content. We are no longer affiliated with this site and have requested them to change this information but they have failed to respond or address our concerns. Do not obtain anything from RARArchiver.com, as they are not associated with RAR and the files they offer for download are of unknown quality.

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