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The system has tried to determine, based on your browser, which version may be the best fit and highlighting it with bold text. You can also select a more appropriate version from the list to the right, if you prefer.

What is a trial license?

All the versions listed to the right are free to try for up to 40 days. After that period of evaluation, you would either need to purchase a license to keep using it, or uninstall it from your system.

Other languages available?

Yes. Our products are available in many countries around the world. While we don't keep all the languages here, you can view the other languages available at one of our partner sites.

Latest WinRAR

Operating System Size Version License
Windows 32 bit (x86) 1.92 MB 5.40 Trial
Windows 64 bit (x64) 2.13 MB 5.40 Trial

Latest RAR

Operating System Size Version License
FreeBSD Unix 1.57 MB 5.40 Trial
Linux-based 32 bit (x86) 1.10 MB 5.40 Trial
Linux-Based 64 bit (x64) 1.13 MB 5.40 Trial
Mac OS X 496.5 KB 5.40 Trial
RAR for Android 4.67 MB 5.40 Trial
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